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What types of explanatory videos exist?

An explanatory video motion graphics is one of the best forms of, is worth the redundancy, to explain a concept, change, service, etc. To your market. This because very showy east is type from dynamic content which generates an Engagement major, as well as rate of conversion.

It is why every time they are plus the companies that decide to use explanatory videos as part of their strategies of marketing. Within the world of the explanatory videos motion graphics, you will be able to find different categories which we have summarized in 5 main ones. Thus, you will be able to create an explanatory video more easily apart from which you will assure obtaining better results.

What I must take into account when creating a video motion graphics?

If you are thinking about using explanatory videos for your website or your store online, you must know that there are basic points that you must take into account. The following 3 are the most important points:

  • Objective: First that you must take into account it is the objective. Why you want to make the video motion graphics? Here there are many options to select, from impelling your sales or generating more Leads to reducing the rate by ricochet or introducing a change or a new service or product to the market.
  • Design: Another basic point when creating an explanatory video is the design. Here you must consider two things: the type of explanatory video what you will do, as well as the narrative line that you will follow. It is important to be congruent with both points thus to manage to hook the user. The quality content will only be successful.
  • Others: You do not forget to take into account other points as the Call to Action, the optimization, the platform, etc. So, it takes into account this so that your video is successful. In addition, all this will be key at the time of creating an explanatory video of quality.

Thanks to the explanatory videos, your business can get to enjoy diverse advantages that will impel your growth. If not yet you are convinced of the power of the video marketing, we advised to you that you throw a look to why your business needs explanatory videos.

Types of explanatory videos

Videos animated with characters

A good idea to create an explanatory video is to use videos animated with characters. This because the characters give a touch more him, is worth the redundancy, personnel when having to which it explains what we mean. This assures an Engagement major with the user when identifying itself with the character.

This type of animated videos usually is used when he is wanted to explain some complicated concept or some process or use. By regulating one tells to a history in format of introduction, problem and outcome following a relatively short narrative guide.

Videos animated without characters

The main difference with respect to the type of previous video is the fact that when creating an explanatory video in this point you do not require of characters or people. Here, all the videos concentrate in the use of objects and animated graphics to explain the concepts.

This type of videos usually is more technicians since graphs as part of the animations are used. By regulating, they are used to explain subjects related to hard numbers, statistics and other data. Usually one follows a flow or a process as if a diagram one was.

Recording of screen

Although usually it is not animated this type of videos, one is about an animation or a recording of focused screen to explain processes related to a computer or website. For example, they are used to explain how you can be registered or be initiated session in a platform. There are applications as Loom that they help you to record the screen easily. And the best thing is than she is gratuitous!

Here we can make use of other elements that help to complement the recording of screen. For example, we can add to animations and other objects as you shoot with an arrow and statistics that help to understand better the concept. We must avoid that the recording is blurred or cut to assure the quality the video.

Movable applications

As well as in the previous point, the animated videos of this category focus in teaching to us as they work or since certain situations or process become. In this case, creating an explanatory video can be useful to explain how a movable application of general form works as much as specific.

If you are going to send a new movable application of increased reality, for example, you must consider to create an explanatory video to explain as it works. Perhaps you have a movable application of coupons, can create an explanatory video that shows to him the user as using the application or registering themselves.

Videos animated with real objects

One of the most elegant forms to create an explanatory video motion graphics is to use real objects and combined real videos with animations. Of this form we created a real video motion graphics, that does not see so much caricaturesco but that it mixes elements that do it visually attractive.

This type of videos is very used in businesses whose main S-value the status and the elegance. For example, if we sell clothes or clocks we can use real elements with animations. Another good idea is to create animate-real an explanatory video if we have as public puts the young people since usually they wake up very well his attention.

Benefits to use explanatory videos

As you must imagine, to create an explanatory video can be quite useful for your business. This because these videos can generate a great amount of benefits that significantly improve the numbers of your business, mainly if this it has presence online. As we can see in this article of Europa Press, the explanatory videos are fashionable.

For example, you will be able to find that one of the most showy benefits is to increase the Engagement with your users. This means that it will be much more probable that the people visit to you and instead of to go away, remain by more time. This helps to reduce the call you appraises by ricochet.

Increase of leads

Also we can find another type of quite good benefit, increasing the amount of Leads, and in the best one of the cases, of sales. In addition to all this, you will be able to improve the experience in website, something fundamental if we want that Google improves our position SEO.

As you can see, creating an explanatory video can bring incredible benefits to you to your company. These go from users who remain more time until more Leads or sales. No longer there are pretexts not to take advantage of these benefits then now to create an explanatory video is much more easy when you meet the types explanatory videos that exist at present.

In addition, also you can read our article on the advantages to use explanatory videos to see other benefits use videos animated explanatory in your strategy of marketing.

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