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How to know if your business needs an explanatory video?

To make Videos Animated for your company

Although many businesses do not consider the videos animated explanatory as a fundamental tool at the time of starting up a company, an explanatory video can give great benefits you. From improving engagement with your clients to increasing to the rate of conversion and registries in your business.

If you do not know when it is moment for using an explanatory video in your business, you do not worry. We have created this small guide with 7 evident signals what will reveal to you when it is the best moment to place an explanatory video and thus to obtain all benefits. In addition, you can read if you need a program to learn to create animated videos, you can read our article on the 8 Tools to create explanatory videos

Signal 1: You have many visits in the section of Frequent Questions

Although this could be due to other causes, one of most popular is what to your clients they did not have left very clear what is what beams or how it beams. This lack of information would force them to visit other sections of your webpage.

Doing what our users visit this section can be quite annoying for some, bringing about therefore a high rate by ricochet. In order to reduce this rate we can learn how to make animated video explanatory motion graphics, which will help us to make an animated video explanatory.

Signal 2: They do many questions to you

Or what does so much via chat how forms or mail, a great amount of questions can be a signal what you need an explanatory video. This because so many doubts only reflect a thing, to your public is not being clear him who you are, what you do and what it differentiates to you from the rest.

In order to avoid to have to contract another Community what all along is responding doubts, or to saturate your tray of post office, we can make use of these videos. Thus, we will be able to explain everything of clear form and needs reducing to the number of received doubts and messages.

Signal 3: The competition is making videos

A basic concept in all company, mercadol³gicamente speaking, is the Benchmarking or process to compare to us with the competition. If we do this regularly and we see what our competitors are using explanatory videos, it is moment for learning how to make explanatory video motion graphics.

This because, if we want to survive and to excel, we must do just like it makes the competition, what only improved percent. So if you see what your competitors are using animated videos explanatory, it is moment of what you also begin to use them in your website. It is important that you see what type of videos your competitors are creating for you can create an explanatory video with sense. Lee our article on the types of explanatory videos motion graphics to decide what is the best one for your business. He is proven that the video explanatory is high strategy of marketing.

Signal 4: The Leads are falling

Known as Leads, this it is the name what receives a user when it has conducted a battle, normally to leave its data or to fill a form. If you see what your percentage or number of Leads goes in bite, perhaps you are not convincing them to the 100 percent.

A good form to convince them, and mainly to hook them, is using these animated videos explanatory. Thus, when leaving more clearly what beams, you will convince and inspire to more people those than will not have problems in leaving you to their data in a form or a table of contact.

Signal 5: The sales are falling

Another quite evident signal that you need to know how to make animated video explanatory motion graphics is the fact that your sales go in bite. This because perhaps the people do not understand absolutely how your business works or how they could buy to you.

This lack of clarity not only affects your graphs of monthly sales, also your pocket. Samples how they can obtain more benefits of you, and how to buy to you, will thus be much more probable that you obtain a positive purchase. Thus, you will be able to increase your income, your sales and in the end to be able to obtain economic benefits that justify this investment.

Signal 6: Launching of new products or services

If you are gliding to send to a new product or a new service, the best thing is to show to him your market how it works. For it you can use the animated videos explanatory which will help to understand to your market what is the new thing what you have for them.

This signal is evident, mainly, when the product or the service requires of certain process to be used. For example, if you are going to send the new software, a new product or a new form of purchase, the best thing is to learn how to make animated video explanatory motion graphics to show the information of this product.

Signal 7: Extension of market

On the other hand, if you are thinking about opening a new market the best thing is than you consider to use animated videos explanatory as a form to show your proposal from value new markets. For example, if now you will sell your products to a market fit, an animated video explanatory will help what they know you.

The benefits are many, from increasing the probabilities of obtaining Leads of quality or sales to improving your positioning and Engagement. In addition, you will thus give a blow to the table of your competition positioning to you in a world more and more competed.

Advice when creating your animated videos explanatory

First of all, we recommended to you that you make a planning why thus you can define of what your explanatory video will speak. Also, we suggested to you what you learn to how to make animated video explanatory motion graphics so that thus you can design a better video, publish it or to know at least how to represent it.

Take into account what a light video, but of good quality also is important so that thus it works better in your page. You do not forget to optimize it thus to be able to obtain better benefits. Finally, it considers the segment to which you go before making your animated video explanatory.

You do not fail to take advantage of the potential of the animated videos explanatory!

The animated videos explanatory have much potential to become a great tool for your company. You do not fail to take advantage of them and begins to operate all the range of benefits that can generate to you. From improving the Leads and the Engagement to increasing your sales or positioning to you on the competition.

Nowadays you have many options to have your own animated videos explanatory. Or what you learn how to make animated video explanatory motion graphics or what you send them to do. You do not let pass the opportunity to give a unique, creative and dynamic turn to your business and thus of generating better benefits. Lee about the benefits to more make a video animated in our article on the 6 advantages use explanatory videos in your business.

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