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8 Tools to create explanatory videos

Why to create explanatory videos?

To create explanatory videos is one of the best forms to generate an Engagement major with the users. Then through dynamic content we managed to catch the attention of the users thus waking up his curiosity. In addition, we can leave more easily in clear concepts.

In order to create an explanatory video it is necessary to make use of present tools that allow us to publish and to create explanatory videos. The following tools are, for many, one of the best options to see as creating explanatory videos thanks to the fact that it allows you to manage and to publish the content easily creating quality videos, that really serve.

It creates videos with Moovly

This tool explains to us as creating videos and easily simple. For it we will find two options: personalizables groups or linen cloths from 0. Moovly offers an ample bookstore to us with great amount of content as animations and objects. These we can easily add to our videos, thus creating excellent explanatory videos to them motion graphics.

Also we can raise our own audio images and. As far as prices, two versions, gratuitous and a one of payment exist. The gratuitous one limits so much the quality as the duration of the video, as well as the objects of would release it. The one of payment offers many to us more tools, duration and quality.

You can find the tool in his official Web:

It creates explanatory videos with PowToon easily

Similar to the previous tool, Moovly, PowToon helps us to learn as to easily create traverse videos as much of groups as from zero. Here we will be able to find an ample library of objects which allow us to create videos animated easily. The groups easily go of the hand with the bookstores thus creating explanatory videos motion graphics.

This tool offers benefits to us as the power to raise our own archives or to record our own voice. In addition, they offer edition tools to us quite simple to use. PowToon offers so much to us a gratuitous version, with limitation of 5 minutes, as a version of payment with much more complete tools.

It finds more information in his official page:

Wideo €“ explanatory Videos in a few steps

With a simple interface, Wideo allows you to easily publish videos through slides which help to animate us in a few steps. This, added with the different groups that to us this tool offers, allows to create unique videos. In addition, it incorporates edition tools of video quite simple to use.

Although Wideo allows us to insert bellboys to improve the interactivity, it owns a limited library of objects. This is perhaps the main difference with other tools because it has quite short options. If you want complete tools it is necessary to pay to a membership because the gratuitous version account with options limited enough.

It interests to You? It finds everything here what you need on Wideo:

Go Animates €“ simple and attractive explanatory Videos to you

If you look for a tool that allows you to create explanatory videos easily motion graphics, without place to doubt this tool allows you to create videos animated easily. Go Animates account to you with quite simple and personalizables tools which can help you to create an animation in a few steps.

This tool is very intuitive and it allows you, step by step, to be animating the videos through different libraries, own archives and tools. That yes, you must take into account that you will require time because you will have many options to animate. Go Animates to you later offers test of 15 days and subscription options.

Go Animates to you is now Vyond:


In order to create videos in MakeWebVideo first that you must it is to select a group. This group you will be able to publish it easily, selecting each part thus to personalize it. In addition, you will find an ample library with content here which you can add to your video easily thus animating.

You can export in different formats as MP4 from high quality, as well as archives for direct edition in programs as After Effects. The cost is pleased then by group this is thrown at the end of rendering. The edition is very simple and we can obtain explanatory videos motion graphics of high quality.

You can visit his official Web here:


This application still is developing and to use it can be a little complicated. For it we must see an explanatory video which will show to us how this tool works. Although, briefly it works just as other tools as Go Animates to you, thus creating videos of high quality.

Its simple and friendly interface allows us to personalize easily our animations giving him movements to all our characters. Here we will be able to as much find a great amount of groups as of content in his digital library. Account with a gratuitous option as much as of payment, being the main difference of the tools that offer.

It accedes to all the information and it proves the tool here:

Explee €“ she with videos Explains

Unlike the tools previous focused to the explanatory creation of video motion graphics, this tool focuses in the design of more professional videos. Through his ample library of content, we will be able here to find elements with more realistic designs, not so of cartoon or animation.

Here we will be able to find a great amount of options in elements that will give a unique design him to your video. In addition, we will be able to find tools for edition and creation of content as the power to narrate with synthetic voice our text. Explee is available in two versions, gratuitous test by 14 days, as well as payment plans.

It enters his official Web to see the tool:


Similar to the previous tool, VideoScribe allows us to make professional and elegant videos with its great amount of options. Its library of content allows us to create videos easily incorporating as much traditional elements as animated elements. Thus, we will be able to create any type of video, mainly explanatory easily.

This tool goes especially directed to create explanatory videos thanks to the fact that they allow to animate easily. That yes, the options are limited then only is two versions, gratuitous and a one of payment. The gratuitous plans are limited only 7 days of test, those of payment to 12 dollars to the month.

You can visit his Web in this connection:

How to remove the maximum potential to these tools?

Now what you know which are the best options to create and to publish explanatory videos, is moment what you take advantage of its potential to the maximum. First what you must do it is to create a script which will help you to create videos easily.

The video explanatory motion graphics can give a creative turn to your business, thus you will be able to catch plus the attention of the people and to generate an Engagement major. It enjoys the benefits of the explanatory videos in line doing them you yourself the best tools of videos, how those that we mentioned to you here. Still you have doubts on if you must create an explanatory video? Lee our article on the 6 benefits to create a video motion graphics.

In addition, if you have glided to publish your videos in social networks, we recommended you that you read ours with 7 advice who you must on Facebook consider when publishing a video. And if you need more ideas to make an explanatory video, it looks at this article exceeds how to make animated explanatory videos.

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