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7 advice who you must consider when you publish videos on Facebook

For many, Facebook is grial santo of the digital publicity. And it is that, if we thought it, this social network is a great showcase with international reach. Here you can show your company to a great amount of potential clients easily. As it is seen in this article of EFE, the animated video explanatory is the new strategy of success in the world of digital marketing.

One of the best forms to arrive at your public is using videos, which generate a great Engagement and interactivity. If you are thinking to operate the videos, these advice can serve stops you to obtain more and better benefits. So he holds if you are gliding to raise to a video and better Lee this guide. If you do not know clearly on the necessity to have an animated video, he reads this article on As knowing if your company needs to make animated videos.

How help you on Facebook an animated can video explanatory?

As or we mentioned, an animated video explanatory can bring great benefits to him to your business or company. For example, you will be able to more easily explain concepts, changes and until new products. You will be able to even increase to the Leads and the probabilities of sales with only a video.

It increases the conversions

If you see that your company goes in fall as far as conversions talks about, or the rate by ricochet goes to the rise, perhaps the key is the content reason why you will have to make a video. If you already have your video, well, you have taken the first step so now you can continue reading. Now that you know how an animated video can help you explanatory, it reads this article to know what 8 Tools to create explanatory videos you can use.

Advice 1: He defines your objectives for the videos

First that you must do he is to define your objectives. Don't mention it he serves to have an explanatory animated video very good if you do not know why to use it. So first that you must do it is to define why you will use it.

This directly repels in subjects as the Call to Action, will not be the same a Call to Action for sales that Leads stops. We suppose what your objective is the sales, once defined not only you can create a video focused to this subject, also you can add to a Call to specific Action.

Advice 2: Content of value explaining of animated way

How many times hemo found us with videos on Facebook of so bad quality that we preferred to close those that to finish them. Here you must put as priority the creation of content that is of value, nice, beautiful and simultaneously useful to generate major impact.

It is enough with seeing the examples of pages as PlayGround or Buzzfeed which easily focus in the creation of value videos which they become viral. You do not make boring videos, focuses you in the creation of value content, you do an animated video explanatory that you would see with desire.

Advice 3: He includes a Copy

Known as Copy, this text that accompanies a publication is the first approach that we have with the users (if they have deactivated the automatic reproduction of video). It is why the Copys play a fundamental role if we want to raise an animated video explanatory Facebook and that this it is successful.

Here you must take care of two things, first is that he is impressive, that the attention hooks and calls. Second it is that he is brief and concise to avoid that is cut. We recommended to you that you follow raised the creative line and the objective in previous points so that is congruent with the video.

Advice 4: He looks for the Mouth Mouth

If you want that your animated video explanatory is successful, the best thing is search one of the coveted phenomena more of the marketing research, the Mouth Mouth. For it, first, you must see that your video is compartible, that is to say, to clear privacy filters so that the people can give Share him.

Secondly, you must create a sufficiently good video why the people look for to share it. You can look for in Internet the famous rules to create viral content which will help you to cause that your video obtains the Mouth Mouth.

Advice 5: The Call to Action

We are going to retake the concept of Call to Action or call to the action. This basically one is to cause that the user makes certain action through a guide. In an animated video explanatory, and generally in any content, the Call to Action is fundamental to obtain benefits of this content.

The CTA chooses

To our video we can determine a great amount of calls to the action, although these must go based on our objectives. If our objective is that they see us, we can use the Share as call to the action, if we looked for Leads we can use bellboys of €œvisit the website€.

Advice 6: Labels, Labels and Labels

So that your animated video explanatory is successful, the best thing is search to potentialise its reach. A quite effective form to obtain is labeling it people or companies in your video then of this form their followers will see you, will be as a springboard.


Another form in that you can use labels is the Hashtags. These they will allow you to unite you to the tendencies and to appear in the web search engines. It takes advantage of the temporalities, as well as the most excellent labels to place them in your video, that yes, it tries that they agree.

Advice 7: The metric ones

Finally, once you have raised your video you must put attention to the metric ones generated by this video. This because those hard data will show to subjects as the acceptance of the video and the success to you that it is having, or the failure.

Good or bad?

These data are a good form to know if the course of the video is good or bad. Following them he will be the one who you do or you do not correct. It analyzes the data as part of your strategy, as much the data that Facebook as that generates they go related to your Call to Action, for example, of website.

Your moment has arrived

Now that already you know how you can cause that your animated video explanatory is more successful, is moment for putting these advice in march. Now it returns to the edition table and looks at your video, asks to you if it fulfills and so here we mentioned to you.

It is hour to raise your video

If everything is well, sends it, raises it your page and without fear and sees as it takes off in the direction of the success. Pon attention to metric and the beam that your animated video explanatory secures the best results, which, without a doubt will bring great benefits to your business. In order to make a good video, it reads our article on As making animated explanatory videos.

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