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6 Advantages to use explanatory videos in your business

We know that sometimes to explain what deals with or what it is what your business does is difficult, mainly whereas clause that nowadays the people pay attention by very just a short time. It is why brief, concise and to explain itself he becomes something basic very well. In 2Cah we helped the companies to explain its benefits by means of explanatory videos. If you want to do explanatory videos but you do not know how, we left a list you of tools here to create them.

One of the effective forms to present your business and of explaining what is what does, that solutions offers, are the explanatory videos. As its name indicates it, these videos explain and promote to your company of a dynamic, attractive, assertive form and by concise regulating. In addition, you have more reasons by those here than to create explanatory videos for your company.

Why to use explanatory videos in your business?

You increase the conversions

The animated explanatory videos usually catch better the attention of the public. Thus not only the people know more you, if you have a good video, is more probable that you convince them to make an action which will be translated in more conversions.

To connect with the users

According to scientific studies, we have 3 to 4 seconds so that a person catches attention to us the animated explanatory videos can obtain that assignment which will take to us to much more have a connection hard with the users, this also is reflected in the previous point.

To explain concepts with greater effectiveness

If a video were not short would be a film much. The explanatory videos force to you to be brief and concise without sacrificing quality. To use these explanatory videos will improve your form to communicate the things as well as it will help to that you do more with less.

It will improve the experience of the user

A satisfied user not only will be more probable that he repurchases, also whom he recommends to us. To use explanatory videos animated as those of 2Cah can singificativamente improve the experience that a user has in a your website, this indirectly can bring benefits in the ranking of Google.

Six advantages to use explanatory videos in your business

You will see more professional

For the users, the image that reflects a business is as important as what they do. It is why a business that sample that really worries about the users is one that will be more successful.

To use animated explanatory videos not only will cause that your Web leaves the monotony of the images and the text. Also it will show to him the user who really you worry so that they have quality content, that helps them to find the solutions that they look for.

Competitive advantage

In a world to h­per competed, the best form to survive as company, business or website is to differentiate to you from the rest through your competitive advantage. Although you do not create it, an animated explanatory video can be a competitive advantage, this make sites as 2Cah.

You remember the monotony of which we spoke? The sites of only images and texts usually are boring and very abundant in the network. A site that without doubt offers an animated explanatory video will excel of the rest of pages because it is offering a competitive advantage or a differentiator of the rest of the competition

More conversions

Another one of the benefits or advantages that to you using offers explanatory videos is the possibility of increasing your conversions, be called registry of data, purchases, etc. is only enough with seeing the equation which is very simple: Better content, better enlistment, better quality and better form to communicate it are equal to more conviction and more conversions.

And it is that when explaining of brief, concise, dynamic and simple form what is what beams are more probable that I hook the user, and if you know to take advantage of that enlistment with useful information and of quality, the conversions will arrive single.

Good form to promote to you

Only ponte in the place of the user a little while Him quick the same attention to banner advertising that to a video? Perhaps yes but it is more probable that an animated explanatory video draws attention to you and hooks to you more easily.

If you look for to promote itself, a good form to promote to you is to use explanatory videos then these will manage to attract better the attention of the user, that yes, tries to be concise because the long videos usually have the opposite effect in the people. The creativity also is vital to manage to hook the user.

Improvement in the ranking of Google

To be visible it is necessary that you occupy the first positions of the ranking of Google, to be able it we recommended to you that you use explanatory videos then according to the experts in search engine optimization, the probabilities of appearing in better results increase in a 50%.

When improving the experience of the user this will improve the metric ones who leaves your website reason why it is probable that you increase in the ranking of Google. That yes, assures to you that the video loaded adequately apart from which it is optimized for SEO using the suitable keywords.

To the day with the tendencies

Although Google seems that he is the king, the tendencies and studies show the opposite because they are more and more the people who have decided more and more to use to YouTube as a source of intelligence receiving relevance as finder, mainly as far as products, reviews and tutorial talks about.

To use a tie animated explanatory video to your page by means of the platform of YouTube not only will assure major to you visibility SEO, it will also cause that you can appear in searches as much in Google as in YouTube thus generating two flows of possible users or clients from two powerful digital platforms.

What I must take into account when using explanatory videos?

If you have been decided to use animated explanatory videos, you must consider some points important. One of them is the duration of the video, because this it must be brief not to bore to the user. Also you must take care of the quality of his production. Sight more advice exceeds here how to create explanatory videos.

In addition, you must put attention to the script and the information that you are going to share. If all this seems to you much, always Video Valley, a site with great experience in the sector of the animated explanatory videos is the option to consult by the experts as The.

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