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5 Advice to create a good Video of Marketing

What is the video marketing?

The video marketing is any type of video that records and publishes with the intention to orient it towards its commercial objectives.

Simple, truth?

When we generally spoke of marketing by video and electronic commerce or digital marketing, the conversation lies down to being an air line towards YouTube. But, you can use the video marketing in any place. The social means platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are also excellent places for the video content marketing. In 2Cah we helped you to create attractive videos and customized 100%.

The commercialization of videos is worth the pain the investment: the video drug dealers obtain a 66% more of leads described per year and obtain an increase of 54% in the knowledge of the brand. To see more in our post in statistics of video marketing.

Fast suggestion: YouTube is the second greater web search engine of Internet, so make sure to load his better content of other platforms in the site.

Strategy of marketing of video content
As we finished covering, the video marketing can be almost any video published in any platform, then, how to develop a group of strategy of content of successful and re-usable video from that?

To record and to publish videos without a specific intention are a prescription for the disaster. We do not do that.

In its place, we put the following 5 passages in a repeatable process and use that process as our strategy of video content to cause that our commercialization is easier. In addition, if it desires to you to read on the benefits of the video marketing, here we let a list to you of the advantages create explanatory videos of marketing.

Step 1. What you want of your content of video?

This step in fact has 2 parts. First, you must value to you as brand. What does to you different and it brings your clients? What you value as business?

Secondly, it discovers how its content of video will fit with its values and what their clients value in you. What problems you are trying to solve? How seen is the success?

When their objectives are specific, it will be to him much more easy to create content to his around.

There are three questions nails that it must be made at this moment:

Who you are?
To who matters to him?
How you can benefit your potential clients?
In order to obtain more details on those questions and how to respond them, it consults our publication on the content of the sensitization stage. It will help even if it is not creating contained of the stage of brings back to consciousness at this moment.

Step 2. Where it is your hearing?

If it is thinking about creating a strategy of video marketing, it is probable that it has already created buying people. Usalos, uses them to them.

Not yet you have created buying? Do it. You will thank for it later to you. We have an impressive publication that shows to him how to create concrete people for the buyer (with group and examples) so that it can begin.

You need to be able to find to your people. They are in Snapchat? If they are not it, then you either do not have to be it unless simply it benefits and have time.

To spend the time to define its ideal client and to learn over the behavior of its real clients will save one ton to him of time, stress and anguish.

Step 3. Which is your competition?

It realises an audit of video content to see where it has emptinesses in his supply of content. There are subjects that you are losing yourself that really they would benefit to your clients or visitors?

If just it is home with the video content, it realises an audit of content with regularity. What you have since it could be turned into video content?

Now a look throws to its competitors. What type of video content is producing? More important still, what are not doing or they are not doing well?

You can learn much of your competitors. If it has the budget, merit can the pain invest in a tool as SEMRush that will allow to see the more important key words him of the competitors, why are classifying and the pages of its site that receive the greater amount of traffic.

Step 4. It creates your Unique Video

Now that knows its objectives, where to find to his public and what type of content needs, it is hour to create his UVP, or propose of unique value.

This is only a brief speech of marketing to create a summary than it causes that you and your content are special. How it is distinguished of all the others at the same time as it maintains his values and identity as company?

This also bends as a starting point for a complete plan and must include things as:

Subjects that you will cover in the video
Style and tone
How it will give his content (also well-known as the content arrives at its hearing)
A look throws to some of the best UVP than we have seen and learns how to write its own proposal of value here.

Step 5. You formulate a plan

All this has been accumulated until this moment: creating a plan.

One of the ways easiest to create a plan for any type of content marketing is to divide it in a funnel of content marketing. You will want to include details exceeds what your content will do:

Where it fits the content in the trip of the buyer?
How does this content attract the objective hearing?
What lagoons of content fill this content?
How and where be given, used and reused this will content?
One wonders what types of content work better in each stage? A look throws to this publication exceeds how to improve the conversions in all the funnel of sales to obtain excellent advice of planning of content for each stage of the trip of the buyer. If just it is home with his business, it also sees our ideas of content of the sensitization stage.

If not yet you are convinced of all the benefits to create a video of motion graphics, this guide reads to know if your company needs to make animated videos.

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