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3 Reasons by which your company needs animated videos explanatory

Recently the animated videos explanatory animated have been put fashionable at the time of explaining businesses. This has not been chance, since the reason by for the growth of these actions marketing has been by the high levels of conversion that they provide. In comparison with banners of all the life, the animated videos have rates of conversion of until a 35% more. If you want to know if your company needs to make animated videos, it reads our articles to obtain all the data that you need.

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1. It catches the attention of the user.

65% of the video users look more than three quarters of a video, which is remarkably more than the content text based. The animated videos show content of attractive and simple way for the users. To catch a user is important, and in this article you can find several techniques to do it.

2. Explain it your advantages easily

98% of the users say that it has seen an explanatory video to obtain more data on a product or service. This is the reason for which 45% of the companies that use content of video informs that they have an animated explanatory video in his site. In addition, for the businesses that sell services that a priori are complex to understand, is an excellent way to have visual resources that help in the explanation of the benefits. In addition, several studies confirm that the content in video helps to increase the convesiones. And not only that, but is more effective than other actions of marketing as banners static. In addition, they are also an excellent way to improve the SEO, since they help to maintain to the users in your Web more time. This what favors the natural positioning.

3. It creates a bond of confidence with your clients

The confidence is the base of the majority of the campaigns of quality marketing, and the video marketing can create emotional connections in forms that other formats of content cannot. Every time it is more difficult to attract the attention of the users and to transmit confidence to them, but when there is an animated resource is much more easy to transmit emotions and to give a sensation of proximity with the users.

Now already you know the advantages of the explanatory videos. Lee how to make explanatory videos for your business. He reads this article and he uses the tools that we recommended you to create the videos.

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