We humanize Your Brand With Creative Videos

We are a study of marketing of animation focused in producing attractive content 100% customized one to reach your objectives of business and of increasing your sales.

Advantages of the Videomarketing

It catches the attention

65% of the users of love the animated videos more explanatory than the content text based. The videos motion graphics show content of attractive and simple way for the users.

Explain it easily

98% of the users say that it has seen an explanatory video to obtain more data on a product or service. This is the reason for which 45% of the companies that use content of video scribing informs that they have an explanatory video in his site.

It creates a confidence bond

The confidence is the base of the majority of the campaigns of quality marketing, and the video marketing can create emotional connections in forms that other formats of content cannot.

It improves the SEO

To include of content of corporative video in its website helps to increase the amount of time that the visitors pass in their site which sites generates a greater level of confidence with the web search engines, and she indicates to them that its site provides quality content. SEO is very important, it is as important as hosting services. There are a lot of vps hosting types. Also, a lot of dedicated server service types that offer different kind of services. For example, some might offer to provide WordPress while the others might offer different things.

More conversions

The main reason to use the content of promotional and explanatory videos in its strategy of marketing is that, simply, help to generate conversions of quality and with majors rates of conversion that other methods.


When one is video content (or corporative or animated), you can measure the rates of click, the amount of times that somebody sees an explanatory video and even the point in which it stopped seeing the animated video.

Our Process

We want to help you to reach your objectives of business, for that reason our consultants will be able to advise to you about which it is the best form to attract your potential clients by means of an explanatory video. From startups to multinationals that want to create attractive content for their hearings, whatever industry.

1. Contact to us

As soon as you have filled in the form or you have called us, we will put ourselves in touch with you in less than 2 hours to decide the script along with your approval and to put hands to us to the work.

2. We design your video

We will design your customized explanatory video animated to reach your objectives of business. With music, locution, effects and all the essential one to enamor your potential clients.

3. It increases your sales

It increases to the conversions of your business thanks to the power of the video marketing and reaches your objectives. Prove it, you will not regret!

These are some of our videos

If you want to receive examples of videos that we have done for companies in your industry, ponte in touch with us and we will inform to you without commitment.


Competitive prices Excellent Results

Ponte in touch with us to receive a budget to spend and now we are using affordable dedicated server
Our budget will include all the limitless expenses and changes so that you do not have yourself to worry don't mention it. Without surprises nor expenses extra.

Teaser package
up to 15 seg




Until 15s of duration (25 words)

 Animated video Customized

 Locution in Castilian


 Basic music

 Delivery in 3 days

 Video HD 720p

Startup package
up to 1 min




Up to 1 min of duration

 Animated video Customized

 Locution in Castilian


 Basic music

 Delivery in 4 days

 Video Full HD 1080p

Package XL
up to 2 min




Up to 2 min of duration

 Animated video Customized

 Locution in Castilian


 Basic music

 Delivery in 5 days

 Video Full HD 1080p

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They speak of us

  • We have worked in several projects with 2Cah and are great professionals. It is possible to emphasize the rapidity, seriousness and excellent execution of the works.

    Guillermo Pe±a

    CEO, Social Codes
  • Very satisfied with the work, they were fast and they caught the idea and they themselves developed it, was a great help since from the home it is my nonwise case particular that another way to explain my treatments of way simple and apt for all the industries.

    Giselle Gerka

    Proprietor, Gerka Clinic
  •  In 2Cah they took care of to me immediately, catching perfectly what needed that they shaped in the advertising paper clip, worked with a surprising speed and the result was better of the awaited thing. The world needs solvers, in 2Cah are it.

    Aleix Fornells

  • We were in search of a company to realise several videos of animation for our company. The rapidity and the professionalism that contributed to us from the first moment have been key. The constant support for the accomplishment has made very pleasant the process and the result is spectacular.

    Carlos Perez

    Dpto Marketing, Gumper Advisory
  • Enchanted of the result of the video., by the price, response time and result. The truth is that he was overwhelmed thinking that the budget that we had to invest in marketing not gave us for much, seeing the prices that were that way. Contentment really.

    Demetrio Rebollo

    Commercial Technical person in charge, EcoKimia

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 We will advise to you without no commitment.

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